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2020. Március 17. 13:47  -  David Rechnitzer
Individual training program helping players train at home

We spoke to the clubs physio about the current situation.

The Hungarian FA decided on Monday to suspend the current OTP league season. This means that the players will be unable to attend training for a certain period of time. The Director of Football met with the coaching team on Tuesday morning. They sat down to discuss what training program the players can do at home. Club physio Gabor Barta spoke to our website:

"We have a difficult task as we do not know how long this forced situation will last for. From a physical point of view, we need to take into consideration the time factor as this plays a large part in the players workload. Another challenging aspect is that just like with everyone else, the players must also remain at home. This means that they can only train with their own body. The players will receive various tasks to do each day, which are based on two areas: strengthening and running. We are naturally also prepared for any measures that might result in the players not being able to go out and run. We will be providing everyone with a treadmill that can be used at home. We can monitor the players physical condition and training program each day from a distance as we do have the means necessary. We also need to think about diet and what the players eat. They have been having breakfast and lunch together until now. The restrictions in place limit our options. The most important thing is to avoid the players putting on weight and that their muscle weakens" - explained physio Gabor Barta.

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