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2020. Február 22. 19:12  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: "I am pleased with the result, performance and attitude"

The two managers shared their thoughts shortly after the final whistle. 

Joan Carrillo:

"I congratulate my players on today's success. It is never easy playing against a team when your in the middle of a run of many matches. Zalaegerszeg went into the game playing attacking football, just like we did. There were several attacking players in the starting line-up. We started the game well although there were a few technical errors in the first half. We pointed out at half time just how important it would be to score the second goal. That came quickly and we also had a man advantage. Naturally this made it tougher for Zalaegerszeg to be a man down as well as conceding goals. We wanted to score more goals. I am pleased overall with the result, performance and the attitude. Another positive from the game was that we had Patrik Nyari and Levente Szabo making his debut. I felt they stepped in to the game well."

They also asked the manager about the performance of Nemanja Nikolic.

"I have no question about the qualities of Niko. I feel that nobody does in Hungary. He continues to score goals in training and I am sure that the goals will come in games. His experience also helps us a lot. The way he plays is also very useful and he opens up space for others. He combines really well with Ivan and Koko. We are lucky to have him in our team."

Márton Gábor:

"It is hard to say anything after a 4-1 defeat. I felt that up until the sending off, which was as it was, it was a tight game. We tried hard with ten men to get back into the game. However, playing against Vidi with a goal down and ten men is very hard. The lads gave everything and they ran plenty but the game ended up as it did. We knew that we would have to put in a brave performance to pick up a result. I felt that the game was heading in a draw until the sending off. We had chances and hit the post. We started slowly and did not try to play football at the start. However, the final 10-15 minutes of the first half produced the type of football I ask of my team. 

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