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2020. Február 21. 11:06  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: The players want to win and will do all they can to achieve this

The MOL Fehervar FC manager shares his thoughts ahead of his sides league game with ZTE.

"The new manager of ZTE was a good footballer when I first knew him. Now as a manager, I can see that he wants his team to play attacking football. It seems as if he has got his team going and he guided his team through to the next round of the cup. This despite them coming from behind following the first leg. They have quality players in their squad. I feel that if we can get the right tempo going and not allow them to have chances, we can achieve a good result. We respect them but naturally we will be giving all of our energy to make sure be beat ZTE" - commented manager Joan Carrillo.

There will be several players missing against ZTE for various reasons. Akos Elek, Armin Hodzic and Marko Futacs will all not be included in the 18 man squad.

"We have played many games and perhaps we have played the most games against first division sides in this period. Naturally Zalaegerszeg are also involved in the cup, but they beat lower league opponents. The players have reacted well to the work even if there are several players missing. You could see this following our game with Ujpest. We showed that they want to win and will do all they can to be successful. I am convinced that those players who will feature in the match will only have the win inside their heads."

It is interesting that we will be facing ZTE in the cup in the first weeks of March.

"Yes, we will be meeting each other three times. We have not really been thinking about this and are only focused on our league match. Naturally when we finally arrive to play them in the cup, we will be looking to go through, but now our only aim is the three points in the league match.”

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