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2020. Február 19. 05:39  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: The situation is simple and we have to win and go through

The Vidi manager spoke before the second leg game against Ujpest FC.

"“Our first leg game ended in a draw without any goals. I was not pleased because of this as we wanted to win down in Szeged. We had our chances and I thought we scored a goal, but this is the past. The situation is very simple now and that is we have to win this evening’s second leg and go through. We only have to think about this and nothing else. Naturally the atmosphere inside the dressing room after Saturday’s league defeat was not the best. We had prepared for the win but we now have to make one step ahead. The players also know that the Hungarian Cup is very important. We will battle right until the end in the cup just as we will do in the league. Good regeneration is important between the two games and I want to freshen up the team against Ujpest. We will need to have an organised defence on the pitch together with the correct character if we are to win and make it through to the next round.” - commented Joan Carrillo ahead of his sides second leg game. 

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