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2020. Február 15. 07:21  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: I think it will be a good match and the players are looking forward to it

The Vidi manager gives his thoughts ahead of Saturday's big game in Budapest against Ferencvaros.

"I do not think that this match will settle the fate of the league title, but naturally in football anything can happen. We respect Ferencvaros, but I feel that we have prepared well against them. The two teams can play a good match against each other and the players are really looking forward to the big game. I believe in my players and the work we have done. We have our own footballing philosophy and we will be travelling to Ferencvaros to get the three points at the final whistle" - commented Joan Carrillo.

The media also asked our manager about the fact that Ferencvaros had not had a game for ten days while Vidi have played two in that time.

"We have eight matches for our team in the month of February. None of those are easy, in fact! There are strong teams to face in the league and Ujpest are our opponents in the cup. The Hungarian Cup is also very important to this club on top of the league. Did Ferencvaros manage to rest during this period? This was down to facts beyond their control with no influence on the process. If I would be close to those that make decisions, perhaps I would decide differently. However, we must not focus with this. We need to concentrate on our own work and make sure we give over the necessary information to the players to make sure we are successful in the game ahead of us."

Joan Carrillo was also asked how the home team could be held on their home pitch after a run of 46 league games unbeaten, (Vidi managed to beat them at the Groupama Arena last season in the Hungarian Cup). 

"It is a nice run and Ferencvaros do have good statistics at home. However, every run must come to an end one day. It is not statistics that have the battle on the pitch but 22 players." 

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