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2020. Február 14. 10:43  -  David Rechnitzer
Mate Patkai and Lyes Houri talk ahead of the Ferencvaros game

The midfield duo spoke to the M4 sport TV cameras as the attention switches to Saturday's big match.

Our two midfielders sat in front of the M4 Sport TV cameras at the MOL Arena Sosto on Thursday. Naturally the focus was on Saturday's big game between Ferencvaros and Vidi. Mate Patkai is preparing for the game having played against them many times. Lyes Houri is looking forward to his first taste of action against them.

"We will be going out onto the pitch at the home of Ferencvaros looking to win. We are behind them on points and our league rivals have also played two games fewer than we have. Ferencvaros therefore enjoy an advantage. I feel that two similar sides will be coming up against each other on Saturday evening. They usually say on these kinds of games that the small details will determine the three points. I agree with this and it could take a set-piece or a rebound or simply a great shot or even a mistake to decide the game. Recent games have not produced a 3-4 goal margin between the two sides" - commented Mate Patkai to M4 Sport crew. 

"I am pleased that I can be a player at one of the best teams in Hungary. I feel that I have quickly settled in with the team and also the supporters who have also accepted me. I am happy that I scored my first goal in the NB I against Mezokovesd last week. I am preparing for my first match against Ferencvaros and I know that it is one of the biggest games in the country. We are talking about the two best teams coming up against each other. I am really excited ahead of Saturday's game and I hope that we can take the 3 points back to Szekesfehervar" - commented Lyes Houri.

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