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2020. Február 13. 11:05  -  David Rechnitzer
Adam Kovacsik: I do not think there will be many goals

The Vidi keeper looks ahead to Saturday's big match at Ferencvaros.

"We were disappointed with the result of Tuesday's cup match. We wanted to win against Ujpest but sadly could not manage to do that. We will be battling to go through at home next week. We have an important league game before that against Ferencvaros. We know that we will have a difficult job at the Groupama Arena. They have not suffered a home league defeat for close to 3 years now. At the same time we managed to win there in the Hungarian Cup last spring, which should give us strength. I cannot say at this point whether the fact that our opponents have not played for 10 days will be an advantage or not. We have played both league and cup games in recent days. I do not want to go into too much detail with this and it does not matter how teams go into the game as the most important is that we pick up the 3 points. Our opponents have very good players in their squad and if I really need to pick out one player, I would probably go for either Isael or Boli. I do not think that there will be many goals in the game. I feel that the game will be decided by one goal as both teams are known to have a good defence. I hope that it will be us who scores that goal" - commented Adam Kovacsik.

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