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2020. Február 11. 22:43  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: I am not pleased with the draw

The two managers shared their thoughts shortly after the 0-0 cup tie.

Joan Carrillo: "The situation for us now is quite complicated as I mentioned before the game. We are playing against fresh teams in this series of games. We played away at Debrecen last week and then faced Mezokovesd at home on Saturday. Today we were down in Szeged playing against Ujpest. Next up is the big game against Ferencvaros before we play the second leg next week. We are trying to control the amount of minutes the player are playing. Picking up injuries is a greater risk at times like this. I think those making decisions with regards to the competition and fixtures need to take into consideration these things. We already had players remaining in Fehervar from our squad due to injury. I am thinking here of Istvan Kovacs and Akos Elek. One thing for sure is that I will be battling to the end in both competitions. We prepared to win today and we had chances. Perhaps we even scored and they told me this after the final whistle. The footage seemed to show that the ball had crossed the line. As I mentioned in the TV interview after the game, mistakes are part of football. I am not pleased at all with the draw but now we must first concentrate on the Ferencvaros game before looking ahead to the return leg with Ujpest."

Nebojsa Vignjevics:

"I saw two different 45 minutes from my team. We spoke about going out and being aggressive. However, I did not see too much of this in the first half. We were waiting for our opponents to make the first step. They also were the more dangerous. We tried more in the second half and placed greater pressure on Vidi. We had chances early on. It is a pity that we could not start the game in this way. Perhaps we were a little bit worried about them due to our defeat recently. We had chances in the end but the final ball was lacking. I hope that my players will understand after the game exactly how we need to play. Not only against Fehervar but against every other side."

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