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2020. Február 11. 07:03  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: "Doing well in the cup is important for this club"

The Vidi manager spoke about the importance of Tuesday's first leg game against Ujpest FC.

"I want us to play better games against Ujpest than we most recently did. Naturally we will be going out to win at Szeged. Doing well in the cup is important for the club and the team knows this. Only our match against Ujpest is in our heads right now. We must not think about the other games. I am sure we will have a different line-up compared to the one on Saturday. We need to take into consideration the physical condition of the players. There are positions that I expect will have changes. Whichever player from our squad goes out there on the pitch, they will give everything in order that we leave the pitch as winners."

We also asked the manager about his thoughts on the switch of location. Ujpest's pitch at their Ferenc Szusza stadium was not considered to be safe to play on. The game was switched to the Saint Gellert Forum in Szeged as a result. 

"The situation was quite complicated but things were out of our hands. We cannot do anything about it. It is not ideal but the team and staff are made up of professional people. We will have to meet the task in hand and must not deal on external matters."

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