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2020. Február 11. 23:00  -  David Rechnitzer
First leg ends in draw in the Hungarian Cup

Vidi and Ujpest played out a 0-0 first leg draw. The two will meet again in Fehervar next week.

Magyar Kupa, 2019-2020, Nyolcaddöntő, OdavágóMeccs center 

Újpest FC:
Banai -- Litauszki, Nwobodo, Simon (Csongvai 60), Zsótér (Szakály 82), Calcan (Perosevic 46), Heris, Onovo, Pauljevic, Burekovic, Novothny

MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovácsik -- Hangya Szilveszter, Musliu, Juhász, Fiola (Stopira 63) -- Nyári Patrik, Pátkai -- Petrjak (Nikolics 56), Milanov (Houri 70), Bamgboye -- Futács
2020.02.11. SzegedSzent Gellért Fórum7 fok, tiszta ég1551 nézőJátékvezetők: Karakó FerencTóth II VencelHorváth RóbertDucsai József

Vidi were in Hungarian Cup action on Tuesday evening in Szeged. The opponents were Ujpest FC in the first leg game. The lilacs played with the same team as they did against the red and blues in the league ten days ago. Joan Carrillo made four changes to his side. Kovacs, Elek, Stopira and Houri were replaced by Petryak, Nyari, Hangya and Funsho. 

Patkai had the first chance from distance after 5 minutes. Simon also had an effort at the other end but Kovacsik was alert. Vidi had more of the ball but the Ujpest defence did well to close down any pressure. The same was correct at the other end as the Vidi defence looked comfortable and solid with anything that Ujpest threw at them. The biggest chance of the first half came right at the end when Milanov crossed from the left and Futacs sent a shot over the bar from 8 meters. 

It was the team from Szekesfehervar that started the second half the better. Milanov headed towards the far post on 49 minutes with Funsho making contact and appearing to stab the ball beyond the line despite a save from keeper Banai. However, the match officials did not give the goal and the score remained 0-0. It did appear from the replay that the whole of the ball had gone over the line. 

Patkai had a chance moments later as his shot from 15 meters was deflected away by defender Litauszki. Zsoter had a shot from long range for Ujpest but it did not find the target. Perosevic shot wide of the goal from 20 meters with 66 minutes on the clock. Several players required treatment in the closing 15 minutes. Hangya had to be bandaged up on his head before Musliu also had to be looked out but fortunately both were able to continue. 

Onovo could have won the game in the 90th minute from a free kick but he could not make contact and the game ended with no goals. The return leg will be played in a weeks time at the MOL Arena Sosto. 

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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