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2019. December 13. 10:53  -  David Rechnitzer
Funsho Bamgboye: We cannot afford anymore mistakes

Vidi travel east for the final league game of 2019 and a game against Kisvarda.

MOL Fehervar FC will close the year with a game against Kisvarda on Saturday. Our team are in action on the 14th December at the Varkert Stadium in a match that will kick off at 17:00pm. We spoke to Funsho Bamgboye ahead of the game. 

"We have not prepared any differently for our game on Saturday. The aim as always are the three points on offer. For me it is not the most important for us to win with my help but that we win. Naturally if I do get the chance to play, I want to show what I can do and I promise to do that. You are always capable of losing games in football but we have experienced defeats recently. We cannot afford to make anymore mistakes. The game with Paks is behind us and we now have to concentrate on Kisvarda. It will be the final match of 2019 but we can never be tired as this is our work. We need to carry out that work and we need to win the game and only then concentrate on relaxing" - commented Funsho Bamgboye.

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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