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2019. December 04. 10:40  -  David Rechnitzer
Istvan Kovacs: The most important thing is that we went through

The midfielder spoke about Tuesday's 1-0 win at Szeged while also looking ahead to the weekend home match with Paks.

"All respect is due to Szeged. The supporters produced a great atmosphere and the facilities were fantastic. The same cannot be said about the way we played. However, we have twice gone out at this stage in the last three years so I am pleased that we have avoided this. Naturally we were not planning for extra time but I do not want to explain anymore than I have to about the win. The amount of energy that would have gone into us playing in extra time is also an issue. I can say for myself that I came on as a substitute and I am pleased to have played, which is the most important. Paks will be playing their cup match on Wednesday so even with the additional half hour that we played, we will still be ahead of them. We need to sort our own game out and I am sure that Saturday's game will be totally different" - commented Istvan Kovacs following the cup win over Szeged on Tuesday evening.

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