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2019. November 28. 08:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: I am pleased to be back

The new head coach sat down to talk about several topics in an interesting interview.

Our club officially announced the arrival of Joan Carrillo on the 27th November. He was previously with Vidi and guided them to the league title in 2015. The Spanish coach sat down to speak to us after signing a contract to take over. 

You took over the running of the team on Monday. What did it feel like to step into the dressing room in Szekesfehervar again?

I have to split my answer into two parts as perhaps many will not know that I came to the stadium to watch the cup tie with Ferencvaros last year. I was invited by the club to attend the game and I was pleased to meet up with old friends such as Marco Caneira and Nemanja Nikolic. I will honestly say that I was very surprised back then. Vidi have gone through so much improvement and development as well as change. The old stadium had its own atmosphere but the new one really does meet everything. I came here on Monday to begin working and it was a great feeling to come through the doors. I have started to get to know a lot of the MOL Arena Sosto over the days and I can say that everything is 100%. I can say besides my memories that everything is in place - the infrastructure and the squad - to again achieve good results. 

What have the first training sessions been like? There are several old faces but also plenty of new ones since you were last here.

My first impressions have been good. What I already knew has been confirmed at close hand and there are very good players in the squad. Naturally there are those that I already knew from the past and my relationship with them is different. Everyone did their best in training so I have nothing to complain about. We have done a little different kind of work over recent days. They will have to get used to this but they are professional players and I am satisfied with them. 

The then Club Director did not use the most polite words when you left the club. How did this affect you and how do you remember back to this now?

It is difficult to know what to say. Perhaps I do not have to and perhaps I cannot. I feel that it is not the point to talk about what someone who has long left the club thought. Everyone knows and I have said so many times that I loved working here. The results were good. However, if the two at the top and in this case the Club Director and the Head Coach do not see eye to eye and they are unable to pull in the same direction and in that case, one of them has to leave. You cannot afford to damage the club by carrying on. I did not want to cause any harm to this club. This is why I am very happy that I can now work with someone like Zoltan Kovacs. I know that he wants the same as I do. That is to have a successful team and club. I know he will give me his backing and that is very important. Also equally important: Club owner Istvan Garancsi also wants the same. The fact he supports the fact that I have returned shows that he has faith in me. That is why I am working to pay back the support shown in me. I had several chances to go to clubs across Europe. I negotiated with some but I always wanted to work here. When it became clear that there is a chance that I can do this, the other offers from clubs no longer interested me. I am happy to be here again. 

The recent years have seen you manage at three clubs but none of them lasted for more than a year. What were the reasons that you left Spanish side Almeria, Croatians Hajduk Split and the Polish club Wisla Krakow?

Each stop along the way has its own story and I am delighted to talk about them.

So let's continue is order and the first was Spanish side Almeria.

I moved to take over as coach of Almeria after Vidi. It was a complicated period in the clubs life. They had 5 different head coaches working with the team in that year and I was third in line. The team did not pick up good results either with me or the others. Although there was a chance of avoiding relegation right up until the final game, they did not manage this but I was no longer at that club by then. I would not say my time there did not give me anything as any experience is something you can learn from. However, my memories back then were not too positive. 

Next was Croatia.

That is correct as I became manager of Hajduk where I spent a fantastic year. The supporters over there are great and my relationship with them was very good. I think they liked me and I also think back to my time there with a smile on my face. We needed to get results to achieve that and we did that. We did well in the league and managed to beat Dinamo away for the first time in 10 years in the league. We ended up having the league's top goalscorer in the form of current Vidi player Marko Futacs. We also qualified to the Europa League and it was Everton in the end who knocked us out over two legs in Q3 after two tight matches. We had earlier beaten Bulgarian side Levski and Danish club Brondby. The club had sold two key players in the final minute and we could not replace them. Then Futacs suffered an injury so the second half of the year did not begin too well. The expectation remained to win both the league and the cup. The pressure was great and I left the club after we lost two successive games. However, I have good memories of my time in Split.

There was half a year in Poland but reports suggested there were financial problems.

We also had results at Wisla Krakow. We finished in sixth place and beat champions Legia at home. We also had player of the year Carlitos who also ended up being top goalscorer. However, neither the players nor I ended up receiving our salary. This naturally resulted in tension. I went on holiday at the end of the season for two weeks with the promise that everything will be fine by the time I return. However, this did not end up happening. It is really hard to motivate players in situations like this. I then decided to ask the club to break up my contract as that situation is no good for anyone. I had been with Wisla for half a year as manager and I never received a single Euro of my salary. Therefore I left. 

What have you been doing over the last half year?

There are two types of coaches. One who perhaps does not have work and sits back a little and waits for the phone to ring and the offers. He will then say 'yes' to one of them. The other kind of coach, which I would include myself in, tries to take advantage of the free time and learns and develops. I continued to educate myself and looked at new tactical elements. I continued to study the market and the players that could possibly help me if I would get a new job. I tried to prepare for my next task and fortunately this is in Szekesfehervar. Let me also say that I did pick up experience from all the places I have been, both good and bad, but I was most happy here. Not only me but also my family who are extremely important.

Season 2014-15 saw a very dominant side with plenty of emphasis on attacking football. Can we count on something similar this time?

I hope so. We will need time for this but this is one of the targets. The most important and main target is for each player to fight for the club. If they can all do this, we can then move on and talk about the next level. I want to see players out there on the pitch that will give everything. We as coaches need to point the direction and motivate them suitably. We will try and build things day-by-day to reach that level that that both the supporters and I want to see. 

Perhaps it is a little bit early to ask but can we count on changes to the squad?

I am really satisfied to be working with a squad like this. I am pleased to be taking over a team at this level. There will be changes naturally if there is a need. We will look at this together with the Director of Football and take the necessary steps. There might also be injuries or offers for players that is suitable for both the club and the player. Therefore I would not rule anything out but I repeat that the squad in place is capable of performing well. 

There are three league games and a Hungarian Cup tie left of the calendar year. Then the Christmas break will follow before the winter training camp. What are your short range targets?

Naturally we want to win games, which is not even a question. The dates of the training camp are known and I do not wish to change either the date or the location of them. That will be a very important period in terms of our spring. We will not be able to practice all of our elements over the next three weeks but we will have time to do that out there. 

The majority of supporters have greeted the news positively that you’re returning to Vidi. What is your message to them?

Firstly the whole entire life is not enough to explain the amount of love that I get from them since I last worked here and since then. What I can do is to work hard with the team to get good results. I hope that will mean the supporters being proud of us as a club and ourselves as a family member. I want them to say that there was a team that they loved and played attacking football and that they are proud of. My aim, which is why I have come back is to build this.

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