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2019. Október 10. 12:58  -  David Rechnitzer
Visar Musliu: I made the best decision by joining Vidi

We sat down and spoke with our summer signing and it was an interesting chat. 

Visar Musliu linked up with the club at the start of August. It did not take him long to settle down. The 24 year old central defender has scored two goals in four league matches. He also played in what was the first round for us in the Hungarian cup. He has once again been called up to his national team and we spoke to him before he travelled out.

- Did you grow up in a sporting family and was it a straight route to the football pitch?

It was not at all that way as nobody had been involved with sport in my family at a serious level. I started playing football at the late age of 10. I did not have plans to one day become a professional footballer. I just enjoyed moving besides learning and with football being the most popular sport in my country, we all watched it on TV at a young age. So it was not difficult to choose which sport to do. Despite nobody in my family being involved with sport, when we realised that I had a talent for football, I received the support of everyone to make sure I could be a successful as possible. This really did mean a lot to me. 

- Who was your sporting hero as a kid and who do you consider a role model?

My favourite footballer was the Brazilian Ronaldo who was "Phenomenon". Perhaps few supporters would be aware that I have been a defender since becoming a professional player, but as a kid when I started playing, I was a forward. Later on my coaches in youth football found the real place for me in the middle of the defence. However, if I do get the chance, then I do like to make problems in front of the opponents goal. Fortunately I have already scored twice for Vidi.

- You signed your first professional contract at 18 for a team called Renova. Was it a big change in your life?

Naturally I was delighted when I signed my first professional contract. I was preparing to become a footballer from the age of 13-14. I really did start to pay attention to the way I was eating and living. I was really pleased with the way my whole family were very proud of me. 

- Your biggest success so far was with Vardar.

Yes, I can confidently say that Vardar was the most successful stop of my career so far. I had been involved earlier in a EL qualifier for Renova but it was at Vardar that I first played in the CL qualifier. We actually made it to the EL group stage, which is considered a big success back home.

- You were first called up to the national team while playing for Vardar. What was the feeling like playing for your country?

It was an undescribable feeling when I first pulled on the national team shirt. I heard our anthem before the game. I was not counting on making it into the national team. I felt that my game was going well but I was only focused on doing well with Vardar. I did not really concentrate on anything else. That is why it came as a big surprise when I was called up for my country. I received the good news on Viber before it became news in the media. Actually I did not even really notice that message at first. My sister was visiting us at the time at home as she lives in America. We looked at my mobile for some reason and she said why are you not looking at your messages on Viber? She realised it and we noticed later that the message had arrived hours earlier. It was back in September 2017 that I made my debut against Israel for the Macedonian team. It was strange that I was thrown right in and was in the starting line-up. We also ended up winning that match 1-0. Almost a month later and we were playing a competitive game against an Italian side full of star names. That match ended in a 1-1 draw and that was also considered a success. My first goal came a few days later in a home match with Liechtenstein. So the autumn of 2017 was a memorable one for me in my career. I made my international debut and scored my first goal. I also made it to the group stage of the EL with Vardar.

- You began a new adventure this summer when you moved to Szekesfehervar. Some of your fellow nationals have played in Hungary in recent years. Your former team mate Boban Nikolov even plays for Vidi. Did you ask the opinion of the other North Macedonian players about Hungarian football who had played in the NB I?

Naturally I spoke with everyone before moving to Hungary. Bardi, Spirovski, Selmani, Nikolov, Ristevski and Angelov spoke only nice things about Hungarian football. It was Nikolov who was able to give me the most information regarding Vidi. The others all spoke positively about the team from Fehervar. So I did not need to think too much before signing and agreeing to the offer from Vidi. I have experienced for myself just how professional the club is over the last couple of months. It really has been the best possible decision. 

- What plans did you arrive in Szekesfehervar with?

I always plan step-by-step. My first target was to settle in with my new team and that fortunately happened quickly. I want to play as much as I can and achieve good results with Vidi. It seems as if that is also slowly happening. However, we will need to wait more until we reach those successes. I do feel the team is heading in the right way. I was delighted to score on my NB I debut and have since scored again. That was the winning goal against DVSC. These are important to me but the most important is that the team do well. 

- What is it like in Hungary and what do you do in your spare time?

I like Szekesfehervar and it is good to live here. The centre is really nice and although I have not yet seen all of it, I do seem to discover new areas each time I go out. I like the fact that it is nice and peaceful but life seems to continuously continue at the same time. I live alone as I do not have a girlfriend or wife or any children. My family are back home in North Macedonia so in my spare time I am together with Boban. I am also in my apartment a lot so I end up playing on video games. While the weather is good, I do like to go out for a walk in the city and I really do like the place.

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