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2019. Szeptember 10. 21:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Ivan Petryak: I want to do the double with Vidi

We sat down for a lengthy interview with our summer signing.

Was your dream ever since being a child to become a professional footballer?

My father was the one in our family that loved football so I inherited the love of the game from him. When I was young, we used to play a lot together and he could see that I had a talent for the sport. I joined a sporting school and my route from there went in one direction. Basically I have to thank my father for becoming a professional footballer. 

Did you have a role model as a player when you were young?

Shevchenko was my role model at a young age and that is why I always used to look out for the Milan result. I also liked Paolo Maldini as a player from the Italian team. The way he played was what I loved the most. I would choose Maldini as the one that was truly my role model. 

What aims did you have at the start of your career that you wanted to achieve during your playing career?

I never really had those kind of plans or dreams that many kids have to one day become a Barcelona player. My main aim to break in to a senior team and become a professional player. I always tried to keep both feet on the ground and followed the target in front of me. It is the same today and I am proud of what I have achieved so far. I feel that I am at the best place possible here at Vidi to develop further. I hope with the help of God, just as he has so far, that I can move forward step-by-step.

You started your career at a small Ukrainian club called Zorya Luhansk before signing for Shakhtar Donetsk. That must have been a big step up in your career and how did you cope with it?

Zorya are not at the same level as a Shakhtar Donetsk or Dinamo Kiev. However, they are considered as a strong midtable club in Ukraine. They have many good players that have come through their system. When I signed for Shakhtar, I had no problems adjusting to my new club as there were no language barriers and I knew the majority of the players there. I had no problems either when I moved there and tried to remain the same person as I had been earlier. I only wanted to concentrate on football. 

You made your international debut for Ukraine at the age of 22. That must have been one of the key highlights so far?

Not only me but my whole family were very proud and happy when I made my debut for the Ukrainian national team. Fomenko was the national team manager at the time and he called me up for the first time. I also later went on to play under Shevchenko. I have not played recently for my country but there is no problems with this. I am clear in the fact that there are so many good Ukrainian footballers for the manager to choose from. My task is to do my best here at Vidi in training and during games. If the national team manager feels that I can help the national team, I will gladly go over there to help. 

You moved to Hungary last summer and Ferencvaros on loan. Was it a hard decision to leave your home and move abroad?

It was a very tough decision as I had never been abroad previously. There are still one or two minor problems, which is basically the language barrier. Hungarian is very difficult for me and I never had to speak in English previously. That is why right at the beginning I used to ask whether I had made the right decision. When I signed for Ferencvaros, there were no other Ukrainian players there and my first few months there were really tough as I did not understand the language. I started to learn English and have today reached the level to be able to somehow communicate with all of my team mates here at Vidi. I am becoming more confident slowly as I continue to communicate in English. 

Your starting your second season in the NB I so you have an opinion on Hungarian football. How do you compare the Hungarian NB I to the Ukrainian first division?

There are two big team in Ukraine. They are Dinamo and Shakhtar and it is between those two that the league title is fought. They often end up having a 15-20 points lead over the rest of the teams. Hungary has a much more balanced league and I like that. There are no games that are clear cut in terms of results. A team at the bottom of the table can pick up points against a side fighting to win the title. This is much harder to do in Ukraine.

What targets did you have when you arrived to Vidi?

I want to win the double with Vidi. I know that we have won the league and Hungarian Cup a few times in the past but we have never managed to win both in one season. I want to do my best to help the club achieve this. I want to perform well in each game and bring joy to the Vidi supporters.

What were your first impressions of our club?

I am satisfied with everything and the club has very professional surroundings. The coaching staff are very professional and I get on very well with my team mates. Milanov played previously for CSKA Moscow and he speaks Russian well and he helped me a lot from my very first training session. We have become become good friends since but I also get on well with the others. I am also trying to be more confident in my English as I have already mentioned. 

Your son was recently born and we are sure he has been a major change to your life?

It is true that my life has completely changed since my son was born. He is a real miracle that brings so much happiness our faces. I am fortunate that both our families have helped so much, which means I can fully concentrate on playing football. However, my free time is now different than it used to be. I am always at home with my wife and young son when I have the chance.

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