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2019. Augusztus 16. 22:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Loic Nego: There are no problems with motivation

The defender shares his thoughts ahead of Saturday's home league match with DVTK.

"We were very disappointed after going out of the Europa League. There is no team that likes to lose especially when they are the favourites. A hunger was born inside us and we know that we will have to work very hard for any small success. It felt great last year to make it to the Europa League group stage and have a feel of it. We will be doing all we can to experience this once again. There can be no problems with our motivation in the domestic league either. Both our league wins felt good as we picked up the three points in those games. With regards to our defending, it does not matter whether it is Rus at the back against Kaposvar or Fiola partnering Juhasz for our game with Puskas Academy alongside Hangya and myself. We all know that we have to perform to our best if we are to win and make sure we are in the starting eleven. We will be taking our game against Diosgyor as seriously as possible. We have some bad memories with them so it will give us that extra push in Saturday's game" - commented Loic Nego.

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