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2019. Augusztus 11. 20:51  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: It was a very important result for us

The two managers shared their thoughts on Sunday's game at the Pancho Arena. 

Marko Nikolic:

"I want to congratulate both teams in what was a good match played in very hot conditions. Naturally I want to say well done to my own team for the win. It was important for us as we have started the new season with two wins to go top. We now need to work hard to make sure we remain there. It increases the worth of the win that we have beaten a very strong side. I feel that Puskas will be up there in the end in third or fourth place. They are in a strong condition and their quick and strong players compliment each other well. We played with plenty of energy and Adam Kovacsik was brilliant today, but the others did everything on the pitch to earn the success. Football can sometimes be like this and we have already played many games that saw us miss many chances. We only have to think back to last season and our game with Puskas Academy or the second leg away in Vaduz. We then ended up conceding the goals but today football paid us back. I want to thank the supporters for their backing and we will now prepare for our next game with DVTK. I would like to wish our hosts lots of success in the season."

Hornyák Zsolt:

"We did all we could to end up being the winning side today, but it was Fehervar in the end. I am sad as we did not pick up a point and it is obvious that we are responsible for this. I cannot remember a game during my playing career when a team missed 6-7 chances. We were helpless and we need to work on this. Vidi are a quality side and they brought out the maximum from the minimum. We started the second half poorly and our opponents won a corner, which was avoidable. Then they were awarded a penalty just when it seemed as if we would come back into the game. We could still have turned the game around, but I do not think that there is a side that can create 7 chances against Vidi. I am positive but it is unbelievable that we could not score from any of these chances. All teams have some bad days in a season and I hope that we are over this one."

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