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2019. Augusztus 09. 05:51  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Juhasz: We have to make the best possible start

The MOL Fehervar FC captain spoke ahead of the weekend away league match with Puskas Academy.

"Despite beating Kaposvar last weekend, we were not as happy as we could be in the dressing room due to the known factors. It will take us a while to slowly get beyond this. There are important games ahead of us in the league so we need to be ready to make sure we make the best start. I want us to play a match without conceding a goal as both goals last weekend were avoidable. We have things to repay Puskas Academy as we lost several points to them last season. However, that is the past and they have also made changes to their squad and management. They played football with more freedom against Ujpest than they generally did over the spring. We have had many nice successes at the Pancho Arena so I hope at the weekend, we will come away from there with the three points" - commented Roland Juhasz as his team prepares to face Puskas Academy on Sunday in a match that will kick off at 18:00pm.

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