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2019. Augusztus 08. 14:13  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Futacs: We need to work hard for the three points

Vidi will play their second league game of the new season at the weekend. Another 3 points are on offer and we spoke to Marko Futacs about the match.

Marko Futacs scored twice in the 4-2 win over Kaposvar last Sunday in the opening match of the new OTP league season. Now the attention switches to match 2 and an away game at Puskas Academy. 

"The atmosphere last Thursday, Friday and Saturday was not the best. I am pleased that our first league game was produced a positive result and it improved morale. I hope that we can now carry on like this. If we can play with the same tempo in our game with Puskas Academy FC, as we did against Kaposvar, we will not have a problem on Sunday but we will need to win the battles. We will try and and work hard to pick up the three points and we are ready for the task. Our games against the Felcsut side in season 2018-19 were not too good so the time is here for us to beat them. I hope that many supporters will come out to support us as their backing means a lot to us" - commented Marko Futacs.

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