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2019. Május 11. 22:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Marko Nikolic: "We were the better team today"

The two managers spoke shortly after the final whistle.

Marko Nikolic:

"I congratulate my team on the win. It is never easy playing in these kinds of matches as we had nothing to play for, while MTK really needed these three important points. It was a typical game that was enjoyable for the supporters but not so much for the managers. We played attractive in parts but there were also mistakes that slipped in. We also lacked discipline and organisation at times. We give all the respect to MTK but we were still the better side on the pitch. It was important for both Attila Fiola and Marko Scepovic to play the entire game after lengthy periods out. We also had Mate Patkai and Istvan Kovacs coming off the bench. We rested both Georgi Milanov and Roland Juhasz today. We plan similar rotation for our game with Haladas, but we will not be playing our second team as such. This is the case even though the Szombathely team have nothing to play for. Coming back to today's game, there were many chances and we put together 3-4 dangerous moves in the first half. However, the final ball or cross was not accurate. Several players missed big chances in the second half. The priority in the cup final in two weeks will be to win."

Tamás Lucsánszky:

"Many things went against us sadly in today's game. I do not want to blame the situation but I need to mention that we were forced to make three changes. Vidi deserved their win and I congratulate them. Our team did everything but it was only enough for this. We have missed taken things into our own hands in recent weeks. The game was balanced in the first half, but we were unable to remain in the game in the second half. The second goal for the home team was the turning points and we lost our belief. We have one chance left and we have to win the final game of the season. We also have to hope other results go our way."

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