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2019. Május 11. 22:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Boban Nikolov: "We needed this win"

The midfielder spoke shortly after the final whistle on Saturday. 

MOL Vidi FC beat MTK Budapest FC 4-2 in match 32 of the OTP league on Saturday. Boban Nikolov played the whole match and he also scored the second goal. We spoke to him at full time. 

"I am happy as we needed this win and the confidence will help us moving forward. We are really focusing on making sure we end the season with a Hungarian Cup win. We will have to give all we have in these games and treat it as if it is a final. This means that we need to beat Haladas next week. Coming back to today's game, I was not scared when MTK took the lead. We played well and I was hopeful that we would get the three points. We scored four goals and that speaks for itself. Finally I would like to wish MTK the best of luck in their fight to stay in the league" - commented Boban Nikolov.

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