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2019. Január 17. 07:36  -  David Rechnitzer
Loic Nego: We are training again in great conditions in Spain

The French player is working hard with the rest of the squad ahead of the spring season.

"Just like in recent years, the conditions here in January are perfect as we prepare for the spring season. We have to thank the management for providing us with such facilities. We also train in very good conditions back home but it is important for us to be out here in Spain. This is due to the weather being very good and also being able to play several opponents. We played our first friendly game against a German third division side. Our next opponents will be a Spanish third division team. We will then play stronger teams as we continue to prepare. We will be able to practice in match conditions our attacking and defensive play. This is very important as we will need to dominate the majority of league games over the spring season. We also need to remain stable at the back" - commented Nego, who produced very good performances over the autumn season. 

"I am the type of player that enjoys training camps as we can gather those basic things that will help us build over the coming months. It has also become normal for me to celebrate my birthday here. I only managed to spend one time on the 15th January with my family in the last eight years. This is sometimes hard but I always manage to catch up with them. My second family is the team and the coaches and they celebrated my birthday this year with me. My birthday wish cannot be anything other than celebrating winning the league title in May. I would also really like to win the Hungarian Cup with Vidi. I only just found out that my goal against Chelsea is one of the contenders for the goal of the season. I never thought that I would end up in an individual competition as this. However, it is not the individual things but what we achieve together as a team that matters" - commented Loic Nego.

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