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2018. Szeptember 21. 14:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Danko Lazovic leaves Vidi

The 35 year old forward has decided to end his playing career. 

Just as we had earlier mentioned, Danko Lazovic has decided to retire from playing football. Our club respected the forwards decision and MOL Vidi FC can now officially announce that the Serbian international footballer has left the club.

Danko arrived in June 2016 and went on to play in 80 games over 2 years, which produced 29 goals and a further 29 assists. His first season saw him chosen as the NB I player of the year. His second resulted in him being top goalscorer in the league for Vidi. He helped the team to a league title and second place finish while playing in the red and blue shirt. Last season he was part of the side that made it to the Europa League play off's and this season he helped the team go one better and qualify for the group stage.

"I want to thank Vidi for giving the chance to continue my career, but I now feel that it is the right moment to finish my playing career. Nothing will be able to replace playing, which I love, but I feel that a new adventure is right for me. I would like to thank all of my team mates and our time together. I want to also thank the good manager, who I respect and learned from. I also want to thank the supporters who backed me over the two years. Not finally, I also wish to say thank you to everyone who works at Vidi behind the team" - commented Danko Lazovic.

"Danko's decision came suddenly and neither the team or myself had the chance to prepare for it. We spoke by phone on Sunday afternoon before meeting personally on Monday morning. His explanation for this step, was the decision to stop playing football, which I accepted. We spoke about the situation correctly as we had always done earlier. The background to his decision needs to be asked to him. I am sure that Danko will speak further on this subject in the near future if he chooses to. It has been amazing reading about the speculation from here and there, when the situation was far more simple. I am sad that when he was chosen as player of the year, or when he was the top goalscorer of the league champions, the media did not deal with him that much as they are now.... One of the key players of the side is leaving, he played a massive part in our league title win and reaching the Europa League group stage. We achieved great success together and he will be missing from the pitch. At the same time there is a chance for some players to grab. They can come forward, or even a leader can step ahead. Danko gave a lot to Vidi over the last two years, but he also received a lot from the club. We thank him for what he did for Vidi and wish him every success in his civil life" - commented Director of Football, Zoltan Kovacs.

The club wishes to thank Danko Lazovic for all he did and wish him every success in the future.

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