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2013. Február 18. 15:50  -  David Rechnitzer
Marco Caneira signs contract extension to 2015

The experienced Portuguese defender has committed himself to Videoton for the long term

Marco Caneira joined Videoton on the 30th August 2011. The talented defender has gone on to become one of the key members of the side. He has appeared in 29 league games for Vidi, while missing just one game in this season's Europa league, playing in 12 games. Nicknamed "the teacher" by the Videoton faithful, the defender has signed a contract extension on Monday morning, which will see him stay with the club until the 30th June 2015.


"I am very happy that a club with such big plans have put their faith in me, which is why I am delighted to sign the contract extension. I feel very good at Videoton, and I am looking to remain in Hungary for the long term. I am also looking into moving my family over to this country. I feel that we have just been through a very successful European adventure, and the aim is not to repeat that success, but to better it. I would like to win the league title with Videoton, and to achieve a nice result in the Champions league" - explained the experienced central defender Marco Caneira.

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