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2012. Július 02. 09:18  -  David Rechnitzer
A childhood dream has come true

An Austrian supporter recently met Paulo Sousa at the Slovenian training camp

Michael Christophot was always glued to his TV set during his childhood, if a certain long haired Portuguese midfielder was playing in a match. He recently met us with his hero and enjoyed a good discussion at the same time. 

  Michael Cristoph had his lifelong dream come true.  

"I was always amazed at the playing knowledge, the lovely football, which Paulo Sousa represented. I know that it may sound strange, but I never really had a favourite football team. I always supported the side, which had Paulo Sousa playing in it. I watched all of the games that were covered on TV. I collected lots of newspaper articles and photos about Paulo over many years. Although I have never met him in the past, I managed to get several autographs via the post from him. Since he has been Videoton FC manager, I have been regularly following I knew from the site that the team would be spending time in a training camp in Slovenia. I had no idea if the team would still be there on Saturday, but I thought if not now, then never! I got into my car early in the morning and drove almost three hours. I was delighted to get there in time. I cannot put into words just how happy I am that I could finally personally meet up and shake hands with my role model. We spoke for more than 20 minutes, about lots of his earlier matches and naturally about his time so far with Videoton. I once traveled to Szombathely for a Haladas - Videoton FC match, but I rarely have the chance to get some free time for weekend's. I would love to go to Bratislava for the Europa League match to cheer for Paulo Sousa's Videoton side in the stadium during their Europa League game. I would also like to go to the Sostoi stadium for the return leg. I am really happy that my life long dream has come true, and that I finally got to meet Paulo Sousa."

We also asked Paulo Sousa for his views on the meeting.

"I am always pleased to meet enthusiastic supporters. Michael is a very sympathetic person and he knew so much about my playing career, so we discussed the high points of my career. I am very pleased that he is supporting Videoton and that he will be there against Slovan to watch us. I would also like him to come to the Sostoi stadium for the second leg as our guest if he has time."

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