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2021. Szeptember 25. 22:54  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics: A draw was a fair result overall

The two managers shared their thoughts on the 0-0 draw on Saturday evening.

Imre Szabics: "The first half was unacceptable, we should be ashamed of ourselves. In the second 45 minutes we showed that we were physically fit, but mentally we were not ready to impose our will on our opponent from the first minute. On the whole the match was a fair draw, but I am disappointed because we dominated the second half and in the end we had the 3 points, but the truth is that we could have gone into the dressing room several goals down after the first half.. 

Zsolt Hornyák: "I definitely congratulate my team for their fighting spirit, but I was left with a little bit of a feeling of inadequacy, especially after the first half, as we should have gone into the dressing room at the break with at least a three-goal lead. After the sending off, the home team attacked us well and we got one point with a man down thanks to our fighting spirit, but again, we should have been leading by goals in the first half. We were very well prepared for Vidi, we always play good games against them anyway, and today's meeting was fine from our side. It was a lot of fun to watch us play, I'm sorry that we couldn't score goals from the many situations we had."

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