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2023. Január 29. 21:02  -  David Rechnitzer
Szabolcs Huszti and István Szabó evaluated Sunday's league match

The two coaches spoke to the press shortly after the final whistle.

Szabolcs Huszti:

"We are disappointed with the result. We got what we expected from our opponent, we knew they were a physically strong team who play defensively, they had six defenders in a line. We wanted to get behind them on the wings, in the second half we tried a lot of rotations, we created two on one, two on two situations, we got behind them, but unfortunately our passes didn't work, so it's very difficult to score. The second goal came after a throw-in, we didn't get outplayed, we just fell asleep a little bit at the back, we shouldn't concede from those things."

István Szabó: 

"I feel that overall we had our way in the match. Our idea was not to let the opponent get the ball out in front, which we did. Fehérvár were a bit better in the middle zone and we were better at the back, and we did well in the transitions. We played well in the first half, scored a very nice goal and had a nice response. At the break, I asked the boys to keep it up and play our own game. We did that, we managed to get behind our opponents several times. We deserved to beat a strong Fehérvár in a good match."

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