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2023. Január 29. 21:17  -  David Rechnitzer
Match Report: Defeat away to KTE

Only Larsen could give an answer to Nagy's and Szuhodovszki's powerful goals, and we left Kecskemét without a point.

OTP Bank Liga, 2022-2023, Tavaszi szezon, 17. fordulóMeccs center 
Nagy 33, Szuhodovszki 78
Kecskeméti TE:
Varga -- Nagy, Horváth (Meskhi 78), Szabó, Belényesi, Ryashko, Tóth, Szuhodovszki (Katona 90), Hadaró, Nikitscher, Katona
Larsen 35
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Kovács Dániel -- Heister, Stopira, Larsen, Bese (Fiola 60) -- Christensen, Pokorny (Deybi Flores 60) -- Dárdai, Houri (Szabó Levente 60), Kastrati (Schön 80) -- Kodro
2023.01.29. KecskemétSzéktói Stadion2 fok, felhősJátékvezetők: Pintér CsabaAlbert IstvánCsatári TiborVad II. István

On Sunday evening, our team played the final match of the 17th round of the OTP Bank League against Kecskemét. In the first match of the year, Szabolcs Huszti went for the starting eleven of Kovács D. - Bese, Larsen, Stopira, Heister - Pokorni, Christensen - Kastrati, Houri, Dárdai - Kodro.  The match was preceded by a silence to remember the careers and lives of Ferenc Mészáros, Kálmán Mészöly and Pelé, who died during the winter break. Loic Nego was absent from the Vidi squad with a minor muscle injury, while our new signing Christensen was on the pitch from the first minute, with Flores on the bench.

In the first ten minutes of the game, there was no danger, we had a lot of the ball, and Kecskemét had a corner kick, after which no situation developed. In the 12th minute, NB I rookie Nikitscher badly fouled Houri for a yellow card, and a minute later, Bálint Katona's shot missed the target. Another minute later, Krisztián Nagy's cross was too low and would have gone just under the crossbar, but Dániel Kovács quickly recovered and cleared the ball. In the 16th minute Hadaró did not receive a yellow card for deliberate handling, but the complaining Kastrati did, and Kodro's header was saved by Bence Varga. Things got lively, almost from the counter attack, Krisztofer Horváth's low close range shot was bravely saved by Kovács.

Half an hour into the game, after a set-piece from Barna Tóth, Sukhodovsky powered over the goal from 15 metres. Three minutes later, after Szuhodovszki's cross, Krisztián Nagy stuck a great shot from the right corner of the penalty area into the far post (1-0), and in the 35th minute, Dárdai's corner was flicked nicely into the net by Larsen, who was superb in the middle (1-1). Referee Csaba Pintér blew for half-time without injury time and the teams went in with the score 1-1.

At the break, none of the coaches changed the team and the second half started with drama: first Dárdai's shot was saved by Varga, then Horváth's attempt was saved by Dániel Kovács. In the 60th minute, three substitutions were made: Flores, Fiola and Levente Szabó replaced Pokorny, Bese and Houri. In the 68th minute, Alex Szabó headed a close-range header over the goal after a corner.

In the 78th minute, KTE took the lead again: this time Szuhodovszki scored a great goal from 17 meters in the near top corner (2-1). Two minutes after the goal, Szabolcs Schön replaced Kastrati. In the 83rd minute, Dárdai curled the ball dangerously towards the left post from 18 metres, but Varga did not have to save. In the second half, we almost completely pushed our opponents into their own half, but we couldn't equalize, KTE won 2-1. Next round we will play DVSC at home on Saturday at 19:30.

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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