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2023. Január 25. 20:18  -  David Rechnitzer
Vidi held a supporters' meeting in the Assembly Hall of the Town Hall

Roland Juhász and Szabolcs Huszti answered questions from fans for 80 minutes.

On Wednesday evening at 18:00, our club held a supporters' meeting at the Town Hall Assembly Hall, where Roland Juhász, Sports Director, and Szabolcs Huszti answered questions from our supporters.

Before the start, the attendees could fill in Vidi quizzes, and the lucky winner won a pair of spring season tickets at the end of the event.

When asked about the transfer plans, Roland Juhász said that we would like to sign a winger and strikers, but almost every team on the market wants to sign potential good players. He added that the current eighth position does not make our situation any easier in the transfer market, but we would like to sign two or three more players in the winter. In recent years, teams in neighbouring countries have also become increasingly solvent, so while four or five clubs were competing for a player in the market in the past, there are now four teams in Hungary. As for the young prospects, the sporting director said that they had not come across realistic offers in terms of value for money, and that with Péter Szappanos, we had not been able to reach an agreement with Budapest Honvéd after lengthy negotiations.

He stressed that he is not thinking in terms of transfer periods, but we are constantly monitoring potential players, and the performance of the current squad will decide who we expect in the future. It has been said that apart from Budu Zivzivadze, the management is not counting on Claudiu Bumba, Artem Sabanov and Yevhen Makarenko.

Szabolcs Huszti said that since they make the professional decisions together with the sporting director, they will take responsibility for them. He wants to see that wherever the team goes out on the pitch, it shows that we want to win, and he will send the players who have that mentality. He wants to see the team control the game and possess the ball a lot, and the success of the pre-season will be shown in the league games.

At the end of the discussion, Roland Juhász and Szabolcs Huszti drew the winner of the Vidi quiz, the spring season ticket for two was won by our young fan Lina Panner.

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