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2021. November 17. 07:10  -  David Rechnitzer
Attila Fiola: I want us to continue this good run

Our international defender spoke in detail as he prepares for Sunday's league match at FTC.

- With a brilliant 2-1 win over Poland, Hungary finished the World Cup qualifying campaign in fourth place in the group. Overall, how do you rate the performance of the national team?

We experienced these World Cup qualifiers as a disappointment, together with our fellow players in the national team. Our goal was to finish second in the group, but unfortunately we failed to do so. We largely have ourselves to blame, the two defeats against the Albanians were the deciding factors, and we should have won the home game against the Poles. However, it is a consolation for us that we won our last two matches. Looking at 2021 as a whole, I can say that we've had a good farewell to the year, and although the World Cup qualifiers was, as I said, a disappointment for us, overall I'll look back on the team's performance this year with a positive outlook. We represented our country fairly at the European Championships and we can be proud of our away draw against England or our victory in Poland in the World Cup qualifiers.


- The national team has finished its campaign for the year, but you still have important matches with Vidi, for example this Sunday at the home of defending champions FTC. What do you expect against the Green and Whites?

Some of the national team players will only join the team in the second half of the week, so we won't have much time to prepare, but of course the same goes for our opponents. We definitely want to continue the good run of the last few weeks. I expect a very difficult game, but it's a meeting that we have to win no matter how we play. It's always difficult to play at the Groupama Arena, but we have a debt to repay to our fans, and I think that with an away success this Sunday, we can make up for our previous slip-ups. Defending will be very important, we must avoid conceding goals because it is very difficult to come back from behind away from home. It will also be important not to miss our chances, because I think that just like in the last game against each other, a goal can easily decide the fate of 3 points on Sunday. I hope that everyone will be very motivated and as I said, we want to continue our good run.

- Did you talk about Sunday's game with the Ferencváros players in the national team?

After the win against the Poles, the others jokingly remarked that we were on the pitch for 90 minutes with Nego, and we would certainly be more tired, but we didn't think much more about Sunday's match than that friendly joke. In the national team we are teammates and we fight for each other, but on Sunday we will be opponents and each of us will fight for the success of his club.

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