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2021. Szeptember 25. 23:03  -  David Rechnitzer
Dániel Kovács: "We had big chances"

The Vidi goalkeeper spoke shortly after the final whistle.

“We didn't play well in the first half, our defence didn't work. In addition, after the passes, our receiving player was immediately marked, which allowed Puskas Academy to go on several dangerous counter attacks. The fact that the score was 0-0 in spite of this can be taken as a positive. Of all my saves, I think I had the hardest save with Corbu's shot, I felt it was going to be a set-piece, I tried to get as close to it as possible and cover as much surface as possible. My other saves were in the mandatory category, but of course I had to be there. We switched for the second half of the game and I think the substitutions were really good for our game. We had some great chances, but their keeper Balázs Tóth also made some good saves, especially from Palkó's big chance. If I can say so as a goalkeeper, maybe we should have played more direct, so that we could break the Puskás defence sooner or later, but unfortunately it didn't work out tonight." - said Dániel Kovács.

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