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2021. Szeptember 23. 10:24  -  David Rechnitzer
Stopira: "I do not expect an easy match against Puskás Akadémia FC"

Our international team defender not only talked to our website about the upcoming league game, but also spoke to us about how he has been living over the last period.

"I've had a difficult time, because when I was at home with the national team, I unfortunately contracted the corona virus and was quarantined for ten days. I didn't feel well for the first two days, but after that I had no complaints, but I found it extremely difficult to cope with the confinement and the fact that I couldn't help either the national team or Vidi. Yesterday I was able to play again, but unfortunately we were defeated in an unlucky encounter, even though we were completely equal opponents to Ferencváros. But we have no time to mourn, because we have another match the day after tomorrow, when we play a good team from the Puskás Academy. I don't expect an easy game, but we must win in order to stay near the top." - commented Stopira. 

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