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2021. Január 14. 16:03  -  David Rechnitzer
Adrian Rus: It was a battling good tempo match against the Croatian champions

The defender gave his reaction to Thursday's pre-season friendly.

"We played a battling, good-tempo match with the Croatian leaders. I feel like we played better football than our opponents in the first quarter hour, we deserved to go ahead. The Croatins came back into it and we had a hard time getting the ball away, but we had the chances to score another goal. The penalty awarded against me was, in my opinion, not valid, the ball hit my head, and I immediately showed the referee the trace of the ball on my face after the incident. Sure, it’s kind of annoying, but it’s not the most important thing in a training game. In the second half, when I played in midfield, I managed to join the attacks several times, I had a dangerous shot, which the goalkeeper saved really well, it would have been good if the ball found its way into the goal. The result is not the most important thing in a training match, of course everyone would be happier now if we did not lose, but the important thing is to win our spring league matches." - commented Adrian Rus. 

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