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2020. Augusztus 06. 10:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Krisztian Geresi: I see things differently since my injury

We sat down at the training camp to talk with Krisztian Geresi who has fought his way back from a long term injury.

- Do you remember your last NB I league match?

Yes, I remember it pretty well, even though it wasn’t today. In December 2017, more than two and a half years ago, I took to the field at the home of FTC in what was my last NB I league game. Unfortunately, that match didn’t work out for me or the team the way we planned, we lost 3-1. 

- How have the last two and a half years passed for you? Your career curved upwards, you even knocked on the door of the national team, then from one moment to the next a serious injury came and you fell for years, not months. How did you manage to get through this period?

I start with the end, that is, I have come out of this injury very mentally strengthened. Apparently the worst was the uncertainty. This injury was terribly painful, I could barely move, but it all dwarfed me with no idea how my life would develop in the future. For a long time, there was no tangible diagnosis that could have led to something on the path to healing. In the first months, all professionals recommended physiotherapy, as in about 90% of such cases it usually helps. In my case, however, it unfortunately took years to fully recover. Fortunately, I am fine today, I have no complaints. I would like to forget the last two and a half years, or at least not to think back on it. Of course, to this day, a lot of people are interested in what happened to me, and I answer everyone, but now I just want to look ahead and focus on football.

I want to get back to the level I managed to get to before my injury. I don’t see the point in talking about the past, since I can’t change it anyway. I try to look and find good things in bad things too, because I believe there is something good in everything. I look at a lot of things with a different eye than before my injury, other things have become more important in my life than before. For example, I am extremely grateful to be able to do a workout all along without any pain, or to be here with the team at training camp. These are little things and things that seem natural to any football player, until they face a more serious injury. I don’t chase success like I did 3-4 years ago, but that doesn’t mean I’m idling by. I consciously try to rebuild myself, I know how much time I need and what work I need to do. I’ve reevaluated a lot of things in my life and now I’m trying to turn that to my advantage.

- You’ve been training for months, at first you worked separately and then you gradually got involved in the work of the team. You weren’t idle during the summer break either, while the NB I players went for a short break, you attended the training of our NB III team every day, and you even entered the pitch and scored a goal. How did it feel to hit the back of the net again?

So true, I’ve been building myself up since about February, I haven’t had much rest since then, and I didn’t even want to stop for three weeks during the summer break. I am very grateful to Tamás Szalai, who worked with me a lot, but I am also grateful to Gábor Toldi for giving me the opportunity to participate in the training sessions and preparation matches of the NB III team. It was a great happiness for me to be able to score a goal in the match against Balatonfüred, if only in a training match.

- And since then, you’ve been on the pitch twice as a member of the NB I team in training games, and on Saturday it could be a third against NS Mura.

It’s a huge feeling to be in a training camp again, to be able to play matches, to train with my teammates every day. I have a lot of catching up to do, I am aware of this, but I do my job with honour and I feel like I am getting better day by day. The most important thing for me now is that no pain hinders me during training, and the rest is up to me and I give it my all. I’m looking forward to Saturday’s friendly game, I don’t know yet how much playing time I’ll get, but I’ll greatly appreciate every minute spent on the field. Not just on Saturday, but always - whether it’s a training game or in the league.

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